A lifelong learner and lover of everything crafty, I've spent my life yearning for creativity. Whether I was making homemade play dough with my mom, bracelets and baking with my aunts, admiring my grandmothers' talents for knitting and crocheting, or working on my own projects, art has been a foundation of my life. I can't wait to share that with you.

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I'm Vicki, your arts and 
crafts BFF.

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Things I Love

I am so lucky to have a group of friends who come out to every event and support me!

My Friends

You'll always catch me with colourful hair and funky glasses. You won't miss me at an event!

Crazy Glasses

My husband and our two doggies who love me more than anything <3

My Family

I am a big fan and supporter of artist collaborations. I love what Collective Arts does with their cans (I also like beer!)


I love bringing people together to connect over art, creativity and good conversation (and beer)!


Everyone has the potential to be an artist, but not everyone gets the opportunity

Everyone deserves access to art and spaces to build community

It's important to try new things and act like a kid again!

I believe:




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